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School Council

The role of School Council Representative is an important one because it enables the pupils' voices to be heard!

Here is a message from our school councillors:


Hello, we are the faces of the school. We represent the school by being on the school council.

I am Orson L from year 3.
I am Felix M from year 3.
I am Madison R from year 4.
I am Albert W from year 4.
I am Darcy T from year 5.
I am Isabel L from year 5.
I am Anna S from year 6.
I am Kai from year 6.

We were nominated by our class peers, so we can strive to help the students of our school to have a voice by sharing our ideas.
We have regular meetings to discuss any topics that may arise. We are very excited and enthusiastic in our meetings and confident to share within our group. 

“We are collaborating in our meetings, to create a fun, safe atmosphere,” said all our members.

Our motto: “We all have a voice, so let's make it heard!”