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School Dog

We are extremely proud to have this special member of our team - Woody, our school dog. 


Studies have found that children with companion animals have higher self-esteem, greater empathy, more engagement with peers and other pro-social behaviour.

Woody is here to help with:

  • Communication and social anxieties

  • Attachment and relationship building

  • Anxiety reduction

  • Stress coping strategies

  • Attention and behavioural difficulties

  • Desensitisation and problem solving

  • Social interaction and relationships

Woody can often be seen on the school gates in the morning, welcoming children into school.  Woody is a Cockapoo and is quite big for his breed as his mum was a standard poodle, rather than a toy/miniature poodle. He loves receiving attention and he provides emotional and behavioural support to our children and will soon start listening to children reading. 

Throughout the day, different members of staff take Woody for short walks on the school site and children get the chance to accompany them. 

Please find more information below.